Rare South African bulbs grown from seed in Holland

South African Bulbs are hardly being grown here in the Netherlands and therefore not easy to get hold of.
A real shame, as the amount of species from the Cape peninsula is enormous and their beauty often stunning. They deserve much more attention and hopefully this website will contribute to stimulate people to grow them more often.

Bert Zaalberg

Although in our greenhouse in Leiden we grow other shrubs and trees too, more and more we have specialized in South African geophytes, and the number of different species we have in our collection has increased over the years.

Next to Massonia’s from several locations in South Africa we now also successfully grow species like Daubenya, Strumaria, Polyxena, Lachenalia, Haemanthus, Nerine, Albuca, Brunsvigia, Dierama, etc.

For some species we offer bulbs and seeds for sale.

We tend to grow the smaller species, which are more suitable to keep in a pot, and therefore easier to move around with in case of frost protection. The genus Ixia for instance has quite a lot of suitable species for container culture, like the very pretty and long flowering Ixia scillaris and Ixia viridiflorus.

Also Hesperantha has some beautiful small species like H. bachmanni and H. cucullata which you’ll never see in the Netherlands, while they are so easy to grow. Same for Geissorhiza corrugata and the smaller species of Tulbaghia like T. leucantha, T.coddii, T.cominsii and Tulbaghia natalensis.

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Growing Massonia’s is quite easy. The cultivation page gives some guidelines.


For some species we offer bulbs for sale. On the contact page you’ll find our address and email in case you are interested in certain species.