Rare South African bulbs grown from seed in Holland

About me

It all started somewhere in 2003 with some Lithops on a window sill.

My fascination for the genus Lithops was clearly triggered by my father in law, K.J. Brussee, who was a knowledgeable field botanist and who owned a little Cactus collection with some Conophytums and Lithops.

I got fascinated by the way those little plants are adapted to survive the most severe South African drought conditions, and the pretty daisy type flowers in a time of the year that hardly anything else is flowering.

Slowly my interest got extended to South Africa’s geophytes as well, with a special interest in the genus Massonia, also known as Hedgehog Lily. Their appearance is just striking throughout their growing season, but especially the beauty of the flowers on a dark Dutch winter’s day.

Bert Zaalberg